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LittleFootprint Lighting, a maker of LED task luminaires based in Santa Cruz, California, announced the installation of its HeronLED personal task lights in 120 guestrooms in Seattle’s Hotel 1000. The HeronLED lamp is made from recycled electronic waste IKEA Hacker reader Jason is one very creative fellow who recently had one of those so simple it’s brilliant ideas: a chandelier is just a bunch of lamps hanging on the ceiling, so why not put a bunch of Desk Lamps together to make a chandelier? It’s April 1st, which means ThinkGeek has released some limited-time-only products today that are sure to leave you screaming WANT!!! For instance, today a new product has appeared that will be greatly appealing to Lord Of The Rings fans: an Eye of Finally! Someone made an LED desk lamp that can change from a cool blue color to a warmer yellow color with a touch of a button. On top of that, it has a USB port for charging. To add to that pile, it looks pretty sweet. OMG, I used the word “sweet”. Unless you have a gihugic computer monitor (very likely these days), a desk lamp is probably the focal point of your desk. I love these wooden Desk Lamps handmade by Ellen’s Alley on Etsy. The feminine colors made with eco-friendly paints are a nice Lamps aren’t particularly expensive, but if you want to make your own little portable lamp, Instructables user Saiyam has a guide to make one with a rechargeable power source. The build here isn’t too complicated, but you’ll need to know a little .

This is a question that has been answered by the open source community. Through open source hardware and software, developers have created embedded solutions that can leverage these pre-existing APIs. This means developers can blink an LED when a package We spend more time at our desks these days than ever before, and desk space are fast becoming essential ‘zones’ to be planned within our homes. However how much time do we spend actually styling our desk space as we do endlessly for other areas of our Known for its unstoppable bunny and the batteries that keep him going, Energizer recently introduced a line of well-designed household lighting products, including flameless candles and accent lamps. The sleek Glas Collection includes a task lamp with an That foundation will take center stage today, as the company debuts its furniture collection. Pieces include a roller chair for $289, an LED desk lamp for $129, and modular configurations of desks and lounge sofas that won’t break the bank. It’s a step .

Amazing Yellow Desk Lamp 768 x 768 · 52 kB · jpeg
Amazing Yellow Desk Lamp

Remarkable Traditional Table Lamps Desk 1000 x 1000 · 35 kB · jpeg
Remarkable Traditional Table Lamps Desk

Great Bridge Table Lamp 600 x 600 · 16 kB · jpeg
Great Bridge Table Lamp

Outstanding Desk Lamps Traditional 1000 x 1000 · 177 kB · jpeg
Outstanding Desk Lamps Traditional

Top Best Desk Lamps 620 x 400 · 12 kB · jpeg
Top Best Desk Lamps

Impressive Martin Table Lamp 598 x 598 · 17 kB · jpeg
Impressive Martin Table Lamp

Perfect Hotel Table Lamps 2365 x 2364 · 117 kB · jpeg
Perfect Hotel Table Lamps

Magnificent Black Desk Lamp 1024 x 1024 · 128 kB · jpeg
Magnificent Black Desk Lamp

Fabulous 1920s Desk Lamp 2069 x 2069 · 326 kB · jpeg
Fabulous 1920s Desk Lamp

Stunning Gothic PowerPoint 1600 x 1200 · 97 kB · jpeg
Stunning Gothic PowerPoint

Incredible Really Cool Desk Lamps 615 x 474 · 65 kB · jpeg
Incredible Really Cool Desk Lamps

Excellent Vintage Metal Floor Lamps 1500 x 1500 · 106 kB · jpeg
Excellent Vintage Metal Floor Lamps

Very Best Sunglass Lamp Shade 500 x 500 · 32 kB · jpeg
Very Best Sunglass Lamp Shade

Brilliant Desk Lamp Sketch 810 x 534 · 68 kB · jpeg
Brilliant Desk Lamp Sketch

Wonderful Modern Tall Table Lamps 1500 x 1500 · 90 kB · jpeg
Wonderful Modern Tall Table Lamps

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